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Table 2 BP response rate and BP control rate

From: Clinical efficacy, safety and tolerability of Aliskiren Monotherapy (AM): an umbrella review of systematic reviews

OutcomeNo.of SRsNo.of original studiesNo.of cases/ controlsFollow-up range (weeks)Estimate (95%CI)P- value95%PII2(P*)Egger’s P value
BP response rate
 aliskiren 75 mg vs placebo22292/29181.41 [1.03–1.94]0.03NA62%(0.11)NA
 aliskiren150mg vs placebo23460/45181.42 [1.16–1.75]0.001[0.19–10.87]43%(0.17)0.008
 aliskiren300mg vs placebo271443/148081.65 [1.46–1.85]< 0.001[1.17–2.35]49%(0.07)0.167
 aliskiren vs ARBs (low dose)22479/3614–80.92 [0.81–1.04]0.16NA0%(0.89)NA
 aliskiren vs ARBs (low to high dose)22543/5708–120.99 [0.90–1.09]0.88NA0%(0.51)NA
 aliskiren vs ARBs (high dose)11175/6081.07 [0.86–1.33]0.52NANANA
 aliskiren vs ACEIs11414/4188–261.10 [0.99–1.24]0.09NANANA
 aliskiren vs amlodipine12513/4928–320.77[0.69–0.85]< 0.00001NA0% (0.37)NA
 aliskiren vs HCTZ11180/17381.08 [0.92–1.28]0.34NANANA
 aliskiren vs atenolol11230/230120.84[0.74–0.95]0.007NANANA
BP control rate
 aliskiren 75 mg vs placebo21177/17681.30 [0.95–1.77]0.1NANANA
 aliskiren150mg vs placebo23475/66681.51 [1.06–2.16]0.02[0.03–76.62]62%(0.07)0.084
 aliskiren300mg vs placebo261276/128881.62 [1.10–2.38]0.01[0.41–6.36]90% (< 0.00001)0.741
 aliskiren vs ARBs (low to high dose)25919/9218–121.05 [0.89–1.23]0.57[0.68–1.62]37%(0.18)0.357
 aliskiren vs ARBs (high dose)11175/6081.01 [0.72–1.43]0.93NANANA
 aliskiren vs ACEIs11414/4188–261.12 [0.96–1.30]0.15NANANA
 aliskiren vs amlodipine11201/17980.72 [0.57–0.91]0.006NANANA
 aliskiren vs HCTZ11180/17381.24 [0.97–1.59]0.09NANANA
 aliskiren vs atenolol11230/230120.86 [0.68–1.08]0.18NANANA
  1. Notes: Type of metric for comparisons: RR (Risk ratio)
  2. Abbreviations: NA Not Accessible, NR Not Report, SA Systematic review