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Table 2 Insertion procedure characteristics for fully enrolled patients

From: BioMonitor 2 in-office setting insertion safety and feasibility evaluation with device functionality assessment: results from the prospective cohort BioInsight study

N = 77
Device Orientation
 Position A35 (45.5%)
 Position B38 (49.4%)
 Position C1 (1.3%)
 Other3 (3.9%)
Final Incision Size (mm ± SD)a14.9 ± 3.7
Total Procedure Duration (min ± SD)8.4 ± 3.7
Prophylactic Antibiotic Use29 (37.7%)
 After the procedureb29 (37.7%)
 Before the procedure3 (3.9%)
Oral Anticoagulant Use34 (44.2%)
 Non-vitamin-K OAC30 (39.0%)
 OACs not held prior to procedure18 (23.4%)
Closure Materialb
 Deep tissue (subcutaneous) sutures50 (64.9%)
 Superficial (dermal) sutures23 (29.9%)
 Barbed sutures13 (16.9%)
 Topical adhesive48 (62.3%)
 Skin closure strips5 (6.5%)
  1. Values are presented in n (%) unless otherwise indicated. OAC, oral anticoagulants. a3 patients missing final incision size. bMore than one closure material may have been used