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Table 3 Results of overall and subgroup analyses

From: The important effect of 5-HTTLPR polymorphism on the risk of depression in patients with coronary heart disease: a meta-analysis

Overall and subgroup analysisStudiesTest of associationTest of association
S vs. L
 Total51.31 (1.07–1.60)0.00863%0.03
 Asian41.33 (1.03–1.72)0.0372%0.01
 White11.30 (0.98–1.72)0.07NANA
 Major depressive disorder21.29 (0.86–1.94)0.2279%0.03
SS vs. LL
 Total51.73 (1.12–2.67)0.0153%0.08
 Asian41.75 (0.97–3.13)0.0665%0.04
 White11.67 (0.91–3.07)0.10NANA
 Major depressive disorder21.67 (0.58–4.83)0.3476%0.04
LS vs. LL
 Total51.47 (1.13–1.92)0.00540%0.15
 Asian41.27 (0.77–2.10)0.3551%0.11
 White11.71 (1.06–2.75)0.03NANA
 Major depressive disorder21.43 (1.01, 2.02)0.040%0.41
LS + SS vs. LL
 Total51.62 (1.25–2.09)0.000238%0.17
 Asian41.52 (0.93–2.47)0.0953%0.09
 White11.70 (1.07–2.69)0.02NANA
 Major depressive disorder21.62 (0.79–3.30)0.1956%0.13
SS vs. LL + LS
 Total51.33 (1.02–1.74)0.0362%0.03
 Asian41.39 (1.01–1.91)0.0571%0.02
 White11.17 (0.70–1.96)0.54NANA
 Major depressive disorder21.21 (0.66–2.22)0.5480%0.03
  1. OR odds ratio, CI confidence intervals, NA not applicable