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Table 1 Characteristics and unadjusted data of included studies

From: The important effect of 5-HTTLPR polymorphism on the risk of depression in patients with coronary heart disease: a meta-analysis

ReferenceCountry (Ethnicity)Diagnosticcriteria for depressionSeverity of depressionSample sizeCHD-DCHD-nDGenotype methodHWE
Nakatani 2005 [11]Japan (Asian)SDSDepression8619425522812859229852PCRYes
Cao 2007 [12]China (Asian)CCMD-3; SDS; HAMDDepression15317195461296678PCRYes
Xia 2006 [17]China (Asian)CCMD-3; SDSDepression7070352510163222PCRYes
Otte 2007 [18]America (White)Interviews applying for DSM-IV criteria.Depression12643124732972214145PCRYes
Kangelaris 2010 [19]America (Mixed)Interviews applying for DSM-IV criteria.MDD1926783510255137314227PCRYes
Kim 2015 [20]Korea (Asian)Interviews applying for DSM-IV criteria.Depression3785912391211832921943PCRYes
  1. CHD-D coronary heart disease comorbid depression, CHD-nD coronary heart disease without depression; Mixed,White, African American, Asian, Latino, Other; HWE Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, PCR Polymerase Chain Reaction
  2. SDS The Zung Self-rating Depression Scale, HAMD Hamilton Depression Scale, DSM-IV Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition