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Table 5 Patient feedback on the MYMEDS questionnaire

From: The my experience of taking medicines (MYMEDS) questionnaire for assessing medicines adherence barriers in post-myocardial infarction patients: development and utility

StatementAgree, n (%)Disagree, n (%)
The questionnaire helped me think about my medicines127 (96.9)4 (3.1)
The questionnaire was simple and clear128 (97.7)3 (2.3)
The length of the questionnaire was acceptable130 (99.2)1 (0.8)
The questionnaire was helpful in making me think about issues related to my medicines before visiting the clinic130 (99.2)1 (0.8)
The questionnaire helped me to raise any concerns I had about my medicines during the consultation128 (97.7)3 (2.3)
  1. MYMEDS My Experience of Taking Medicines. N = 131