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Table 4 ‘Seven AHA health metrics’

From: The Tyrolean early vascular ageing-study (EVA-Tyrol): study protocol for a non-randomized controlled trial

Health behavior goal:PoorModerateIdeal health
 Smoking-habitsSmoked in the last 30 daysNever smoked, never smoked a whole cigarette
 Body-Mass-Index>95th percentile85-95th percentile<85th percentile
 Physical activityNone< 60 min moderate or intensive physical activity per day≥ 60 min moderate or intensive physical activity per day
 Healthy diet0–1 components2–3 components4–5 components
 Total-cholesterol≥200 mg/dL170–199 mg/dL< 170 mg/dL
 Blood pressure>95th percentile90-95th percentile or ≥ 120 systolic or ≥ 80 diastolic<90th percentile
 Fasting blood sugar≥126 mg/dL100–125 mg/dL< 100 mg/dL
  1. Table 4 contains the definition of poor, intermediate and ideal cardiovascular health according to the seven AHA health metrics adapted from [11] and [28]