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Table 2 Data extracted from the mother-child-booklet

From: The Tyrolean early vascular ageing-study (EVA-Tyrol): study protocol for a non-randomized controlled trial

Maternal characteristicsAge at pregnancy
Singleton/multiple pregnancy
Body weight and length (begin and end of pregnancy)
Blood pressure (begin and end of pregnancy)
Smoking status (begin and end of pregnancy)
Pre-existing conditions (diabetes, hypertension)
Pregnancy complications (yes/no)Pathological oral glucose tolerance test
Characteristics of neonateDate of birth
Gestational age
Apgar Score
Umbilical blood pH
Mode of birth
Body weight
Body length
Head circumference
Data of the child of 8 follow-up examinations at week 4–7, month 3–5, 7–9, 10–14, 22–26, 34–38, 46–50 and 58–62Date of examination
Body weight
Body length
Head circumference
  1. Table 2 shows an overview of the information extracted from the mother-child-booklet