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Table 3 Odds ratios for hypertension and serum selenium, serum copper and serum zinc levels adjusted for confounding factors. High and low values refer to normal lab range values for trace elements

From: Selenium, copper, zinc and hypertension: an analysis of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (2011–2016)

 Analysis of Maximum Likelihood EstimatesOdds Ratio Estimates
Standard ErrorWald Chi-SquarePr > ChiSqPoint Estimate95% Confidence Limits
High Serum Selenium (>150μg/L)0.1317.12< 0.011.69*1.322.17
High Normal Serum Selenium (>120μg/L)0.0733.54< 0.011.46*1.291.66
High Serum Copper (>145μg/dL)0.090.340.680.950.791.14
High Serum Zinc (>105μg/dL)
Low Serum Copper (<75μg/dL)
Low Serum Zinc(<65μg/dL)
Serum Selenium(Q1)0.0444.2< 0.010.63*0.550.72
Serum Selenium(Q4)0.0318.42< 0.011.34*1.171.53
  1. Q1 lowest quantile, Q4 highest quantile. *Significant at p < 0.01