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Table 3 Associations of household SHS exposure and mortality risk among currently nonsmoking patients with heart failure

From: Association of household secondhand smoke exposure and mortality risk in patients with heart failure

 Univariate ModelModel 1Model 2Model 3
 HR95% CIpp for interactionHR95% CIpp for interactionHR95% CIpp for interactionHR95% CIpp for interaction
Overall0.980.76–1.260.864 1.431.10–1.860.007 1.471.13–1.920.005 1.401.07–1.840.016 
  1. HR hazard ratio, CI confidence interval
  2. Model 1 adjusted for age, gender, race, education level, family income, urbanization classification, and medications, NHANES III phase
  3. Model 2 adjusted for variables in Model 1, general health status, and comorbidities
  4. Model 3 adjusted for variables in Model 2 and physical functioning, heart rate, systolic, and diastolic blood pressure