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Table 4 The correlations between SAA levels and clinical features in AAD patients

From: Serum amyloid a protein as a potential biomarker in predicting acute onset and association with in-hospital death in acute aortic dissection

CharacterizationIndicesRP value
Baseline Data
 Age, Yr− 0.0450.584
 HR, bmp0.333< 0.001***
Blood routine
 WBC, ×109/L0.614< 0.001***
 RBC, ×1012/L−0.1110.354
 HGB, g/L−0.395< 0.001***
 PLT, ×109/L0.0910.285
 BA, ×109/L−0.1010.385
 EO, ×109/L−0.2430.035*
 LY, ×109/L−0.1680.147
 MO, ×109/L0.0850.468
 NE, ×109/L0.2570.025*
 MCH, pg−0.0650.574
 MCHC, g/L−0.2020.080
 MCV, fL0.0150.898
 MPV, fL−0.0980.405
 HCT, L/L−0.1980.148
 PCT, L/L−0.0110.930
 PDW, 10GSD0.1580.189
 RDW, %0.1710.166
Blood coagulation function
 APTT, s−0.2410.051
 PT, s0.030.811
 PTA, %−0.2580.037*
 D-Dimer, ug/ml0.2060.097
Cardiovascular injury-related parameters
 CK, U/L−0.0390.756
 CKMB, U/L0.2130.198
Inflammatory response
 CRP, mg/L0.4420.001***
Liver function
 ALB, g/L−0.2370.040*
 ALP, U/L0.1240.330
 ALT, U/L0.1210.300
 AST, U/L0.1630.166
 DBIL, umol/L−0.0980.553
 TBIL, umol/L0.0120.922
 CHE, 1000 U/L−0.2580.053
 GGT, U/L0.0280.811
 TBA, umol/L0.1380.310
 TP, g/L−0.1770.128
 PA, mg/dL−0.4020.002**
 LDH, U/L0.3570.006**
Renal function and serum electrolyte
 Na, mmol/L−0.1410.224
 C1q, mmol/L0.0260.883
 HCO3, mmol/L−0.2820.020*
 CL, mmol/L0.1750.274
 Crea, mmol/L−0.1160.469
 CYSC, mg/L0.2480.046*
 PH value0.1130.523
 K, mmol/L0.0740.644
 Urea, mmol/L−0.0490.672
 Uric, mmol/L0.1820.336
Serum lipid profile
 ApoA1, mmol/L0.1170.623
 ApoB, mmol/L−0.1170.623
 FBG, mmol/L0.654< 0.001***
 HDL-C, mmol/L0.1950.175
 TC, mmol/L0.0630.678
 TG, mmol/L−0.2230.120
 LDL-C, mmol/L0.0260.859
  1. Note, BMI Body Mass Index, HR heart rate, WBC white blood cells, RBC red blood cells, HGB hemoglobin, PLT Platelet, BA basophil, EO eosinophil, LY lymphocyte, MO monocyte, NE neutrophil, MCH mean corpuscular hemoglobin, MCHC mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration, MCV mean corpuscular Volume, MPV mean platelet volume, HCT hematocrit, PCT platelet hematocrit, PDW platelet distribution width, RDW red blood cell volume distribution width, APTT activated partial thromboplastin time, PT prothrombin time, PTA prothrombin activity, INR international normalized ratio, CK creatine kinase, CKMB creatine kinase isoenzyme MB, CRP C-reactive protein, ALB albumin, ALP alkaline phosphatase, ALT alanine aminotransferase, AST aspartate aminotransferase, DBIL direct dilirubin, TBIL total bilirubin, CHE cholinesterase, GGT gamma glutamyl transpeptidase, TBA total bile acid, TP total protein, PA pre-albumin, LDH lactate dehydrogenase, Na serum sodium, CL serum chlorine, Crea Creatinine, CYSC Cystatin C, K serum kalium, ApoA1 apolipoprotein A-1, ApoB apolipoprotein B, FPG fasting plasma glucose, HDL-C high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol, TC total cholesterol, TG triglycerides, LDL-C low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol
  2. *P < 0.05; **P < 0.01; ***P < 0.001