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Table 1 Laboratory findings

From: A case report of a 40-year-old woman with endomyocardial fibrosis in a non-tropical area: from initial presentation to high urgent heart transplantation

RangeaFirst PresentationSuspected EMFFollow-up visitListing for HTX
Hemoglobin (g/dl)12.0–16.013.612.410.712.2
White blood-cell count (G/l)4.0–
Differential count (G/l - %)
 Eosinophils< 0.4/< 40.5/40.8/60.3/40.1/1
 Basophils< 0.2/< 10/00/00/00/0
Platelet count (G/l - %)150–450176180314310
Sodium (mmol/l)136–145140141141138
Potassium (mmol/l)3.50–
Creatinine (mg/dl)0.50–0.900.791.170.951.23
BUN (mg/dl)6.0–20.010.716.612.323.5
NT-proBNP (pg/ml)< 1251501369715952054
LDH (U/l)135–214261375158160
C-reactive protein (mg/dl)< 0.506.111.472.270.38
TnT-hs (pg/ml)< 1467733
  1. Abbreviations: BUN Blood urea nitrogen, EMF Endomyocardial fibrosis, HTX Heart transplantation, LDH Lactate dehydrogenase, NT-proBNP N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide, TnT-hs Troponin T high sensitive
  2. a Reference Range for Adults, Department for Laboratory Medicine, University Hospital St. Poelten, Austria
  3. Bold letters indicate values outside of the normal range