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Table 3 Variables associated with hospitalization and all-cause mortality at 1 year

From: Predictors of one-year outcomes in chronic heart failure: the portrait of a middle income country

 Univariate analysisMultivariate analysis
VariablesHR95% CIpHR95% CIp
Age1.0361.020–1.053< 0.0011.0261.010–1.0430.001
Ejection fraction0.9750.954–0.9960.0200.9910.967–1.0150.443
BUN1.0171.011–1.022< 0.0011.0081.001–1.0150.019
Log BNP1.5471.359–1.761< 0.0011.3381.158–1.545< 0.001
Systolic blood pressure0.9910.983–0.9990.0240.9940.986–1.0020.129
High sensitive troponin16.3984.368–61.562< 0.0018.8011.824–42.4660.007
  1. BUN blood urea nitrogen, Log BNP brain natriuretic peptide logarithmic
  2. Variables which univariate analysis resulted in p < 0.04 were included in a multivariate analysis