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Table 1 Overview of ICD, and ATC codes for all examined comorbidities and concomitant medications

From: Diabetes and risk of peripheral artery disease in patients undergoing first-time coronary angiography between 2000 and 2012 – a nationwide study

Pharmacological Treatments ATC
 Cholesterol-lowering drugs C10A
 Acetylsalicylic acid B01AC06
 Glucose-lowering agents A10
 Vitamin K antagonists B01AA
 Digoxin C01AA
 Platelet inhibitors B01AC
  Α-adrenergic blockers C02A, C02B, C02C, C02DA, C02L, C03A, C03B, C03D, C03E, C03X, C07C, C07D, C08G, C09BA, C09DA, C09XA52, C02DB, C02DD, C02DG, C07, C07F, C08, C09BB, C09.
  Non-loop diuretics
  Calcium channel blockers
  Renin angiotension system inhibitors
Comorbidity ICD-10
 Vascular disease I21 to I22
 Atrial fibrillation I48
 Thromboembolism I26, I63, I64, I74, G458, G459
 Hypertension I10 to I15
 Renal Disease N03, N04, N17 to N19, R34, I12, I13