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Table 1 Summary of the literature on patients presenting with IHH associated with congestive heart failure

From: Infantile hepatic hemangiomas associated with high-output cardiac failure and pulmonary hypertension

Study Age Sex Cardiopathy Diagnose
Treatment Cardiac recovery Outcome
Mattioli et al. (1974) [16] 27d F BVH, PAH HAG Ligation Normal Discharged
Linderkamp et al. (1976) [14] 1d M CHF Renal scan Resection Improve Discharged
Rotman et al. (1980) [18] 4 m F CHF VG Glucocorticoid Improve Remarkable improvement
Burke et al. (1986) [2] 3.5y F Cardiomegaly US,CT Embolization Failure
Gozal et al. (1990) [9] 17d F Cardiomegaly US Glucocorticoid Improve Discharged
Kristidis et al. (1991) [13] 3d M ASD,BVH,PDA US Prednisone Improve Discharged
3d M CHF US Prednisone,digoxin Improve Discharged
1d F CHF US Prednisone Improve Discharged
Barsever et al. (1994) [4] 2w F CHF cardiomegaly US,CT Interferon Remarkable improvement
Hazebroek et al. (1995) [10] 2d M CHF US,HAG Ligation Improve Remarkable improvement
Fok et al. (1996) [8] 1d M CR = 0.77, CHF US,TRA Embolization Discharged
Lu C C et al. (2002) [15] 1d F CR = 0.8 US,CT Glucocorticoid,dopamine ------------ Remarkable improvement
10d M BVH US,MRI Ligation Improve Discharged
Sakamoto et al. (2010) [19] 4d F CHF CT Transplantation Remarkable improvement
Mhanna et al. (2011) [17] 8w F CHF US,CT Glucocorticoid,propranolol ------------ Discharged
  3 m M ASD,CHF,LVH,PDA US Glucocorticoid,propranolol ------------ Discharged
Dotan et al. (2013) [7] 11w F BVH,PAH US propranolol Improve Discharged
Dasgupta et al. (2013) [6] 1d M BVH US,CT Glucocorticoid Improve Remarkable improvement
Chopra et al. (2014) [5] 9 m F CHF US,CT Glucocorticoid Failure
Ye et al. (2014) [14] 59d F PAH,RVH US,MRI Surgery Failure
Imai et al. (2015) [12] 1d M Cardiomegaly MRI,CT Glucocorticoid Improve Discharged
Wang et al. (2015) [24] 5 m F Cardiomegaly,PA US,CT Embolization Improve Discharged Failure
19d F H BVH,PAH US,CT Embolization Improve  
Shen et al. (2016) [20] 11d M CHF US Glucocorticoid, Embolization Normal Discharged
Hutchins et al. (2017) [11] 22 m F VSD US,CT,MRI Glucocorticoid,Sirolimus Discharged
  1. BVH Biventricular hypertrophy, RVH Right ventricular hypertrophy, “——“ No information available, CR Cardiothoracic ratio, VG Venacavography, HAG Hepatic arterograph