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Table 2 First-line screening incidental findings and adapted screening strategy

From: Peripheral arterial disease and systematic detection of circulating tumor cells: rationale and design of the DETECTOR prospective cohort study

Low –dose chest CT and search for CTCs No incidental lung nodule or nodule(s) <50mm3 Incidental lung nodule(s) with volume between 50 and 500mm3 Nodule(s) >500mm3
No CTC Next screening round at one year Measure of volume doubling time at low-dose chest CT 3 months later Diagnostic and pretherapeutic evaluation
Presence of CTC Contrast enhanced whole-body scanner and PET/CT examination of the head and neck cytological examination of the urine Diagnostic and pretherapeutic evaluation Diagnostic and pretherapeutic evaluation
  1. CTC: circulating tumor cells; PET/CT: Positron emission tomography-computed tomography