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Fig. 2 | BMC Cardiovascular Disorders

Fig. 2

From: Body composition is a strong predictor of local carotid stiffness in Swedish, young adults – the cross sectional Lifestyle, biomarkers, and atherosclerosis study

Fig. 2

Arterial distensibility (kPa− 1) in the common carotid artery for women and men with BMI ≤ 25 and BMI > 25, ***P < 0.001. Low values indicate stiffer arteries. Arterial distensibility is calculated with carotid blood pressure. In women, four of 19 individuals with BMI > 25 were obese with a BMI > 30. In men, none of the eight individuals with BMI > 25 were obese. Whiskers represent +/− 1 standard deviation

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