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Table 1 Outcomes assessed in the COmPLETE Study (C-Health & C-Heart)

From: Functional aging in health and heart failure: the COmPLETE Study

 Outcome measureData Collection Instrument
Before Visit 1
 Telephone interviewGeneral health and chronic disease, part 1a21 items
Smoking status a3 items
Physical activity readiness a7 items, Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q)
Visit 1
 QuestionnairesChronotype (1)14 items, Munich Chronotype Questionnaire (MCTQ) [82]
Quality of life (2)8 items, Health related Quality of Life, short form (SF-8) [83]
Socio-economic status (3)1 item
Subjective physical activity (4)10 items, European Health Interview Survey-Physical Activity Questionnaire (EHIS-PAQ) [84]
6 items, Global Physical Activity (GPAQ) [85]
Residential area (5)3 items
Use of transportation (6)3 items
Life-space (7)9 items, modified UAB Study of Aging Life-Space Assessment [86]
Fall history (8)2 items
Alcohol consumption (9)3 items
Stress (10)4 items, Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) [87]
Insomnia (11)7 items, Insomnia Severity Index (ISI) [88]
Menstruation cycle (12)7 items
General health and chronic disease, part 2 (19)13 items
Medication (20)10 items
 AnthropometryBMI a (13)Weight and height
WHR (14)Waist circumference/hip circumference
Body composition (15)Four-segment bioelectrical impedance analysis
 Macrovascular-HealthArterial stiffness (baPWV/CAVI) & blood pressure a (16)Noninvasive vascular screening system
Brachial endothelial function (17)FMD by ultrasound
Carotid-intima-media thickness (23)2D ultrasound instrument
 Cardiac ImagingSystolic and diastolic structure and function (22)2D echocardiography
 Inflammation & Circulating CV Risk FactorsCholesterol (TC, LDL, HDL), triglycerides (TGA),
HbA1c, NT-pro BNP & etc. (21)
Venous blood samples
 Physical Fitness ComponentsGait (18)Inertial sensor system
Power of leg muscles (24)Countermovement jump on a force plate
Standing balance (25)Tandem stance on a force plate
Handgrip strength (26)Handheld dynamometer
Isometric leg strength (27)Dynamometer
Cardiorespiratory fitness (28)Cardiopulmonary exercise testing with breath-by-breath gas analysis
Starting the day after visit 1 for 14 days
 Physical ActivityObjective physical activityWrist-worn triaxial accelerometer
Visit 2
 Microvascular-HealthRetinal arterial and venous diametersStatic retinal vessel analysis
Retinal endothelial functionDynamic retinal vessel analysis
  1. a Used for a check of inclusion criteria. Numbers in brackets indicate the precise sequence of data collection of visit 1
  2. Abbreviations: BMI body mass index, WHR waist-to-hip ratio, baPWV brachial–ankle pulse wave velocity, CAVI cardio–ankle vascular index, TC total cholesterol, LDL low-density lipoprotein, HDL high-density lipoprotein, FMD flow-mediated dilation