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Table 2 Intervention Characteristics

From: The effect of mobile applications for improving adherence in cardiac rehabilitation: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Author and Country Key components of intervention Function of mobile applications Application terminal
Forman et al.2014, USA [22] HC app; HC-based Web dashboard a to-do list with medications, walking, education, and surveys; tracking of physical activity; feedback from clinician iPhone (version 3 or higher), an iPad, or an iPod touch (version 4 or higher)
Harzand et al.2018, USA [23] smartphone platform smartphone app; hospital --facing online dashboard remote patient monitoring; care coordination by a trained cardiology PA Samsung Galaxy S4 or comparable
Laustsen et al. 2018, Denmark [24] SportsMedicin app; HR monitor (Zephyr BioHarnessTM) remote patient monitoring training intensity Sony Xperia
Rosario et al.2018, Australia [25] STAHR app; BP monitor and digital weight scale receive feedback with activity through the app Samsung Galaxy SIII (SG3)
Skobel et al.2017, German [26] GEx system: smartphone app wearable sensor measuring information of one-lead ECG, HR, respiration rate and activity level; web-based tool for medical professionals exercise guiding; feedback from clinician remote patient monitoring; be alerted in case of problems No specified
Varnfield et al.2014, Australia [27] CAP-CR: StepCounter app; health monitor of step counter, BP weight; web for clinician motivational and educational materials delivering; remote patient monitoring; feedback from clinician No specified
Widmer et al.2015, USA [28] PHA app daily tasks for healthy lifestyle behaviors; tracking of No specified
Widmer et al.2017, USA [29]   progress, log weight, BP, lab values, daily activity, diet; feedback from clinician  
  1. Key: HC Heart Coach, APP Application, PA Physician Assistant, STAHR Smartphone Technology and Heart Rehabilitation, GEx Guide Exercise, HR Heart Rate, ECG Electrocardiogram, CAP Care Assessment Platform, BP Blood Pressure, PHA Personal Health Assistant