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Table 1 Characteristics of included studies

From: Complete versus culprit-only revascularization in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction and multivessel disease: a meta-analysis of randomized trials

Study Multivessel disease definition MACE definition Definition of complete revascularization Timing of staged complete revascularization Follow-up (months)
COMPARE-ACUTE 2017 [7] IRA plus non-IRA or their major side branches of at least 2.0 mm diameter show ≥50% stenosis by QCA or visual assessment All-causemortality, nonfatal MI, any revascularization, cerebrovascular events Non-IRAs with at least 50% stenosis and who had a FFR ≤0.80 were revascularized with Everolimus DES Within 3 days 12
Hamza et al. 2016 [10] IRA plus at least 80% stenosis in non-IRA Composite of all- cause mortality, recurrent MI, ischemia driven revascularization with PCI or CABG N-IRAs with at least 80% stenosis were revascularized. Within 3 days 6
DANAMI-3- PRIMULTI 2015 [6] IRA plus > 50% stenosis in one or more non-IRA Composite of all- cause mortality, reinfarction, or ischemia driven revascularization of non–IRA Non-IRAs which were ≥ 2 mm in diameter with at least 50% stenosis and FFR < 0.8 or those with visually
Estimated stenosis> 90% stenosis were treated with everolimus DES.
Within 2 days 27
PRAGUE − 132,015 [11] at least 1 stenosis of non-IRA > 70% with diameter > 2.5 mm All cause mortality, non- fatal MI and stroke. NA 3–40 days 38
CvLPRIT 2015 [12] IRA plus at least one non-IRA with at least one lesion> 70% single view/50% in two views All-cause mortality, MI,HF, ischemia driven PCI OR CABG Non-IRAs with at least > 70% stenosis in one view or > 50% stenosis in two views were revascularized with DES Within 3 days 12
PRAMI 2013 [13] IRA plus one or more non-IRA > 50% stenosis Composite of death from cardiac cause, nonfatal MI, refractory angina. Non-IRA stenoses > 50% were intervened At the same procedure 23
Ghani et al. 2012 [14] One or more stenoses of ≥50% (in at least one view visually or by QCA) in at least two major epicardial coronary arteries Death, nonfatal reinfarction, unplanned revascularization Vessel with significant stenosis vascularized if FFR < 0.75. For severe stenosis (> 90%) PCI performed without preceding FFR. Within 3 weeks after STEMI 36
Politi et al. 2010 [15] > 70% stenosis of at least two epicardial coronary arteries or their major branches Death, reinfarction, rehospitalization for ACS and repeat coronary revascularization Non-IRAs with PCI and angiographic residual stenosis of < 30% or TIMI flow grade of 3 56.8 ± 12.9 days 30
HELP AMI 2004 [16] IRA plus at least 1–3 lesions in major non-IRA Death, repeat MI, urgent revascularization All suitable non-IRAs with heparin coated Bx velocity stents. Balloon dilatation alone was performed for lesions in vessels with diameter < 2.5 mm provided at least one non-IRA was treated with stents. At the same procedure 12
  1. IRA infarct-related artery only, QCA quantitative coronary angiography, MACE major adverse cardiac events, MI myocardial infarction, ACS acute coronary sydrome, PCI percutaneouscoronary intervention, CABG coronary artery bypass grafting, FFR fractional flow reserve, TIMT thrombolysis in myocardial infarction