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Table 2 Main features of the studies

From: Cardiovascular outcomes associated with crush versus provisional stenting techniques for bifurcation lesions: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Studies No of participants assigned to crush technique (n) No of participants assigned to provisional stenting technique (n) Time period of patients’ enrollment (years) Type of study Bias risk grade
Baystrukov2017 73 73 2011–2013 RCT B
CACTUS 177 173 2004–2007 RCT A
DKCRUSH II 183 183 2007–2009 RCT A
DKCRUSH V 240 242 2011–2016 RCT A
Galassi2009 199 258 2004–2006 OS
Kim2015 213 206 2008–2015 RCT A
Total no of patients (n) 1085 1135    
  1. Abbreviations: RCT randomized controlled trials, OS observational studies