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Table 9 ROC curve analysis of accuracy of LV three-layer myocardial LS and CS in MHD patients

From: Layer-specific speckle tracking analysis of left ventricular systolic function and synchrony in maintenance hemodialysis patients

ParametersAUC95%CICut-off Value (%)Sensitivity (%)Specificity(%)Youden index
LS sub-endocardial0.8940.796–0.955−21.1585.382.90.6521
LS mid-myocardial0.8520.746–0.926−18.3373.580.00.5353
LS sub-epicardial0.8700.767–0.939−17.0882.477.10.6244
CS sub-endocardial0.6690.545–0.778−24.3350.080.00.3000
CS mid-myocardial0.8370.728–0.915−17.8673.582.90.5639
CS sub-epicardial0.8520.746–0.926−11.6582.474.30.5664
  1. AUC: area under the curve; 95% CI: 95% confidence interval; LS: longitudinal strain; CS: circumferential strain