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Table 1 Comparison of demographic and clinical characteristics of the 70 patients grouped by 6-month primary patency

From: Platelet to lymphocyte ratio predicting 6-month primary patency of drug-coated balloon for femoropopliteal disease

 Group Aa (n = 54)Group Bb (n = 16)p
Man, n (%)39(72.2)15(93.8)0.074
Age, mean (SD)65.52(10.55)68.38(8.46)0.325
Hypertension, n (%)37(68.5)12(75.0)0.622
Smoke, n (%)42(77.8)10(62.5)0.223
Diabetes, n (%)29(53.7)12(75.0)0.132
Hyperlipemia, n (%)13(24.1)5(31.3)0.567
Cardiovascular disease, n (%)21(38.9)10(62.5)0.097
Severe calcium, n (%)5(9.3)1(6.3)1.000
CLI, n (%)20(37.0)10(62.5)0.073
Total occlusion, n (%)38(70.4)11(68.8)0.902
Outflow, n (%)
Bail-out stent, n (%)6(11.1)2(12.5)0.879
Lesion length > 10 cm, n (%)20(37.0)12(75.0)0.008
WBC, median (IQR)6.86(5.86–9.18)6.62(5.01–9.34)0.727
Platelets, mean (SD)203.39(65.56)249.13(75.45)0.021
MPV, median (IQR)9.00(8.37–9.80)8.45(8.00–8.90)0.070
Neutrophils, median (IQR)4.35(3.6–6.0)3.65(2.85–6.82)0.511
Lymphocytes, median (IQR)1.95(1.57–2.60)1.50(1.20–1.78)0.001
Pre-NLR, median (IQR)2.14(1.70–2.78)3.29(1.85–4.32)0.055
Pre-PLR, median (IQR)94.11(67.99–125.48)187.29(131.67–212.86)<0.001
  1. Abbreviations: SD Standard deviation, IQR Interquartile range, CLI Critical limb ischemia, WBC White blood cell, MPV Mean platelet volume, pre-NLR Preoperative neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio, pre-PLR Preoperative platelet-to-lymphocyte ratio
  2. aPrimary patency≥6 months; bPrimary patency<6 months