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Table 2 Correlations between riskx factors and the return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) and the parameters negatively affecting the effectiveness of resuscitation

From: Cardiovascular risk factors differently affect the survival of patients undergoing manual or mechanical resuscitation

Parameters r value p value
Taking of oral anticoagulants −0.018 0.880
Previous stroke 0.010 0.440
Previous myocardial infarction 0.007 0.458
Obesity −0.043 0.277
Type I. diabetes mellitus −0.050 0.242
Type II. diabetes mellitus −0.023 0.381
Left ventricular hypertrophy 0.200 0.001
Hypertension 0.143 0.018
Hyperlipidaemia −0.024 0.379
Odds ratios in case of parameters negatively affect ROSC
Parameters OR CI 95%
Left ventricular hypertrophy 5.131 4.965–5.293
Hypertension 1.822 1.748–1.891
  1. r value: correlation coefficient, p value: level of significance, OR: Odds ratio quantifying how strongly the presence of the comorbid factors are associated with the negative outcome of resuscitation, CI: 95% confidence interval. If the interval not contains 1 the finding is significant