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Table 1 Overview of the questionnaire package

From: A Personal Decision Support System for Heart Failure Management (HeartMan): study protocol of the HeartMan randomized controlled trial

Questionnaire Description Number of items Subscales
Self – care of Heart Failure Index [20] Self-care 22 Self-care behavior, self-care management, self-care confidence, and symptom perception
Minnesota Living with Heart Failure Questionnaire [21] Health – related quality of life 21 Physical, socio-economic, and emotional/psychological aspects
Brief Illness Perception Questionnaire [24] Illness perception 9 Cognitive representation, emotional representation, illness comprehensibility, and perceived cause of illness
Sexual Adjustment Scale [22] (subscale of the Psychosocial Adjustment Scale) Sexual activity 6 Relationship and sexuality
Needs for Sexual Counseling Scale in Chronic Heart Failure [23] Sexual activity 21 Symptoms, medication and information, relaxation, relationship, and psychological factors
State Trait Anxiety Inventory [26] Anxiety 40 State anxiety scale (s-anxiety) and trait anxiety scale (t-anxiety)
Beck Depression Inventory II [27] Depression 21 Depression and anxiety
Unified theory of acceptance and use of technology questionnaire [28] User expectations and user experience 37 /
Self – composed questionnaire on nutritional behavior Nutritional behavior 24 Drinking behavior and eating behavior
Self – composed questionnaire on nutritional knowledge Nutritional knowledge 12
(14: patients with diabetes)
Knowledge about heart failure (and diabetes) nutrition