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Table 6 Comparisons of the predictive performance of GRACE, GRACE+ fT3/fT4 ratio, GRACE+ fT3 and GRACE+ fT4 for the prognosis prediction

From: Value of the fT3/fT4 ratio and its combination with the GRACE risk score in predicting the prognosis in euthyroid patients with acute myocardial infarction undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention: a prospective cohort study

  z for C-statistic p for C-statistic NRI p for NRI IDI p for IDI
GRACE vs. GRACE+ fT3/fT4 ratio 2.116 0.034 0.614 <0.001 0.0415 0.007
GRACE vs. GRACE+ fT3 0.608 0.543 0.198 0.231 0.0047 0.277
GRACE vs. GRACE+ fT4 1.078 0.281 0.243 0.141 0.0095 0.142