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Table 1 Study characteristics

From: A meta-analysis of the efficacy of allopurinol in reducing the incidence of myocardial infarction following coronary artery bypass grafting

Study n Country Allopurinol/Control Operative Details/Mean CPB Time (min) Treatment Protocol Allopurinol Treatment Protocol Control Emergency CABG (%) Redo CABG Mean Graft Number (n) Mean AXC Time (min)
Emerit et al. (1988) 14 France 7/7 CPB, cardioplegic cardiac arrest/ NR 100 mg, in cardioplegic solution,
2× doses intraoperatively; TD: 200 mg
NT NR NR 2.3 50.0
Rashid et al. (1991) 90 Sweden 45/45 CPB, cardioplegic cardiac arrest/123.5 300 mg, PO, BD for 2 days pre surgery and 600 mg, PO, 1× dose morning of surgery and 300 mg, PO, BD for 2 days post-surgery; TD: 3000 mg NT 0 NR 3.6a 76.5
Coghlan et al. (1994) 50 England 25/25 CPB, intermittent ischaemic arrest
(n = 37); CPB, cardioplegic
cardiac arrest (n = 13)/116.5
300 mg, PO, 1× dose at 2000 h
nocte pre surgery and 1× dose
1 h pre surgery; TD: 600 mg
Placebo NR 0 3.7 44.5
Taggart et al. (1994) 20 England 10/10 CPB, cardioplegic cardiac arrest/66.5 600 mg, PO, 1× dose nocte pre surgery and 1× dose at 0600 h morning of surgery; TD: 1200 mg NT 0 NR 2.9 33.5
Castelli et al. (1995) 33 Italy 18/15 CPB, cardioplegic cardiac arrest/NR 200 mg, IV, 1× dose 1 h before
Surgery; TD: 200 mg
NT 0 NR 3.0 65.5
Gimpel et al. (1995) 22 The Netherlands 8/14 CPB, cardioplegic cardiac arrest/126.9 200 mg, IV, 1× dose during anaesthetic
induction and 100 mg IV, 1× dose hourly in CPD;
TD: CPB duration dependant
NT 0 NR 3.4 79.3
  1. CPB cardiopulmonary bypass, NR not reported, PO per os, BD twice per day, TD total dose, IV intravenous, NT no treatment, CABG coronary artery bypass graft, AXC aortic cross-clamp, NR not reported. The number of decimal places reported in the included studies varied. Data has been rounded up to one decimal point where appropriate
  2. The number of decimal places reported in the included studies varied. Data has been reported consistently where possible in the table by rounding up of numbers were appropriate
  3. aindicates average number of distal anastomoses