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Table 3 Overview of the components of the ACQUIRE-ICD intervention

From: Effectiveness of a comprehensive interactive eHealth intervention on patient-reported and clinical outcomes in patients with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator [ACQUIRE-ICD trial]: study protocol of a national Danish randomised controlled trial

• Goal-setting for behavioral change

• Monthly patient and clinician tracking and monitoring of symptoms of depression (PHQ-8), anxiety (GAD-7) and health status (EQ-VAS) and feedback

• Referral for psychological treatment based on value-based cognitive behavioral therapy [only for patients with a positive screen on depression and/or anxiety]

• Dialogues with nursing staff via the platform [1–3 months post implant: once a week; 4–12 months: once a month; potential to obtain extra feedback]

• Information provision and education (e.g. on ICD-related topics, anxiety, depression, relaxation training, by means of multi-media contents, such as quizzes, vodcasts of patients and health care professionals, etc.) [examples of vodcasts are available here:]

• Forum with online community network with “patients like me”

  1. EQ-VAS EuroQoL visual analogue scale, GAD Generalised Anxiety Disorder scale, PHQ Patient Health Questionnaire