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Table 1 Differences in total cholesterol (mmol/l) and systolic blood pressure (mmHg) between the in-office cardio-preventive screening and the clinical examination programa

From: Effect of blood pressure and total cholesterol measurement on risk prediction using the Systematic COronary Risk Evaluation (SCORE)

  In-office screening program Clinical examination programb Intraclass correlation Clinical examination programc Intraclass correlation
Mean (SE) Mean (SE) Mean difference (SE) p-value ICC 95%-CI Mean(SE) Mean differencec (SE) p-value ICC 95%-CI
Total cholesterol 5.75 (0.63) 5.54 (0.58) 0.21 (0.03) < .001 .91 .87–.94      
Systolic blood pressure 140.48 (1.00) 133.97 (0.99) 6.51 (0.82) < .001 .60 .27–.75 128.63 (0.87) 11.86 (0.83) < .001 . 91 .84–.95
  1. SE standard error, IC intraclass correlation coefficient, CI confidence interval
  2. aAdjusted for sex, age, setting of recruitment and duration between the in-office screening and the clinical examination program. The value of systolic blood pressure measurement corresponds to the first readingb, to the mean of the second and third readingc