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Table 2 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Smartphones in the secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease: a systematic review

P Patients eligible for Cardiac Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention (acute coronary syndrome, re-vascularisation procedures, controlled heart failure and other vascular or heart disease [6, 59]) or heart failure management.
I A model of care that utilized smartphone functionality (either app or Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) capabilities) for comprehensive Cardiac Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention or heart failure rehabilitation
C None, traditional cardiac rehabilitation or usual care
O Feasibility, utility, and uptake of mHealth; service outcomes (patient engagement, acceptance, adherence and completion, provider engagement and acceptance, and cost effectiveness); patient outcomes (clinical, exercise capacity, knowledge, social and emotional, QOL); health service utilisation.
E Retrospective studies; non-intervention studies; systematic reviews; study protocols; conference abstracts and non-cardiac rehabilitation or heart failure programs.
  1. Key: P Patient, I Intervention, C Comparison intervention, O Outcomes, QOL Quality of life, E Exclusion criteria