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Table 4 ROC curve analysis of miR-941 expression in patients with ACS and STEMI

From: miR-941 as a promising biomarker for acute coronary syndrome

miR-941 AUC 95% CI P value
Non-ACS versus ACS 0.734 0.619–0.848 0.001
Without CAD versus STEMI 0.896 0.779–1.000 0.000
SA versus STEMI 0.808 0.670–0.947 0.001
NSTE-ACS versus STEMI 0.781 0.622–0.939 0.004
  1. Abbreviations: SA stable angina, ACS acute coronary syndrome, NSTE-ACS non-ST segment elevation acute coronary syndrome, STEMI ST segment elevation acute myocardial infarction, CAD coronary artery disease, ROC receiver operating characteristic, AUC area under the curve