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Table 1 Onset of significant (p < 0.05) ischemia-induced changes in EG parameters. L, H – hearts with low and high LV mass fraction, respectively; ‘-’ – no significant changes

From: Effect of increased left ventricle mass on ischemia assessment in electrocardiographic signals: rabbit isolated heart study

Parameter Onset, min
QRSA, AUCQRS, and -AUCQRS (L and H, lead II)
+AUCQRS (L and H, lead I)
QRSD (L and H)
AUCQRS (L and H, lead I)
+AUCQRS (L and H, lead II)
ST20 and TA (L and H, lead I) 5th
ST20 and TA (H, lead II) 6th
ST20 and TA (L, lead II)
QRSA and -AUCQRS (L and H, lead I)