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Table 4 Electrocardiographic characteristics of VAs among the three approach groups

From: Approach selection of radiofrequency catheter ablation for ventricular arrhythmias originating from the left ventricular summit: potential relevance of Pseudo Delta wave, Intrinsicoid deflection time, maximal deflection index

Group 12-lead surface ECG Transition Transitional zone index
I II/III/aVF V1 V2-V3 V4-V6 Zone <0, n (%)
TA Rs, rS or rs R R or Rs
or r
R or Rs R <V1 22 (100)
TS rS or rs, r R R or Rs
or qR or
rsR or rs
R or Rs R ≤V1 10 (100)
TGCV rS R R or Rs R or Rs R <V1 13 (100)
  1. TA Transaortic group, TS Transseptal group, TGCV Trans-DGCV group