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Table 3 Differential diagnostic value of standard ECG in identifying the origin of outflow tract PVCs having qrS or QS pattern with notching on the downward deflection in V1 (n, %)

From: Origins location of the outflow tract ventricular arrhythmias exhibiting qrS pattern or QS pattern with a notch on the descending limb in lead V1

ECG indicators Sensitivity Specificity Positive predictive value Negative predictive value
Precordial lead transitional zone index <0, LVOT origin [12] 22/23(95.65) 25/26(96.15) 22/23(95.65) 25/26(96.15)
Precordial lead transitional zone ≤ V3, LVOT origin 20/23(86.96) 16/26(61.54) 20/28(66.67) 16/19(84.21)
Lead V2 R wave Duration index > 50%
R/S amplitude index > 30%, LVOT origin
18/23(78.26) 23/26(88.46) 18/21(85.71) 23/28(82.14)
r, m,R or Rs wave in lead I, LCC-RCC or RCC origin 17/18(94.44) 3/5(60.00) 17/19(89.47) 3/4(75.00)