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Fig. 3

From: Right aortic arch analysis – Anatomical variant or serious vascular defect?

Fig. 3

a Thoracic computed tomography, volume rendering, of right-sided aortic arch with vessels in the following order: Left common carotid artery, Right common carotid artery, Right subclavian artery, Aberrant left subclavian artery. Stenotic origin of ALSA with post-stenotic widening (Black arrow), right vertebral artery (white arrow), hypoplastic left vertebral artery (red arrow). b Doppler ultrasound Spectrum of right vertebral artery confirmed typical flow. Systolic velocity about 70 cm/s, diastolic velocity 40 cm/s. c Doppler ultrasound Spectrum of left vertebral artery confirmed severe stenosis in the proximal part of the artery. Typical flow for steal syndrome (bidirectional)

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