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Table 7 Correlation between the speckle-tracking echocardiographic parameters and aortic diameters

From: Two-dimensional speckle-tracking echocardiography for evaluation of dilative ascending aorta biomechanics

Parameter Aortic sinus diameter Ascending aorta diameter Aortic cross sectional area
Longitudinal displacement (mm)
 Aortic AW 0.23* NS NS
 Aortic PW 0.22* NS NS
Transverse displacement (mm)
 Aortic AW 0.33** 0.28** 0.33**
 Aortic PW −0.22* −0.37** −0.41**
Longitudinal strain (%)
 Aortic AW −0.23* NS NS
 Aortic PW −0.27* NS NS
Longitudinal velocity (cm/s)
 Aortic AW NS NS NS
 Aortic PW NS 0.22* NS
  1. AW anterior wall, PW posterior wall
  2. **Correlation is significant at the p < 0.01 level. *Correlation is significant at the p < 0.05 level