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Table 3 Multiple Linear Regression Analyses with Backward Elimination to Identify Markers that Predict Carotid Arterial Wall inflammation in PAD patients with concomitant Diabetes

From: Carotid arterial wall inflammation in peripheral artery disease is augmented by type 2 diabetes: a cross-sectional study

  Standardized coefficient β 95 % confidence interval p-value
Glucose-Corrected TBRmean
 Circulating Insulin 0.541 0.514–1.458 0.001
 Hba1c 0.537 1.014–2.903 0.001
Glucose-Corrected TBRmax
 Circulating Insulin 0.552 0.550–2.049 0.002
 Hba1c 0.477 0.748–3.748 0.006
Glucose-Corrected TBRmds
 Circulating Insulin 0.536 0.723–4.007 0.008
 Hba1c 0.480 0.501–2.142 0.004
  1. Whole Carotid glucose Corrected Target-to-Background ratio (TBRmean), maximum uptake (TBRmax) and Most Diseased Segment (TBRmds) were the response variables. Explanatory factors comprised cardiovascular risk factors (Age, Gender, BMI, smoking, Systolic Blood Pressure) and factors associated with Diabetes regulation (Insulin and Hba1c, both log-transformed). Variables were retained in the model when P < 0.10. Data are standardized coefficient (β) with 95 % confidence intervals (CI)