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Table 3 Questions relating to Indigenous Patients

From: Cardiac Rehabilitation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Western Australia



Culturally appropriate programs or approaches

Describe any programs or approaches that are used to meet the needs of diverse population groups?

Describe if and how your program:

a. Uses case management for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander or other culturally diverse patients that covers the process of care from tests and/or procedures through to CR?

b. Uses education materials on common cardiovascular conditions, tests, interventions, medications and CR designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people?

c. Employs or has access to an Aboriginal Health Worker to assist you and your Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander or other culturally diverse patients?

d. Operates a buddy and/or mentoring systems for patients whose family or carer is not available to take part in the decision-making process or accompany them to hospital?

Demographic data

What are the demographics of the patients who attend your program?

% Male

% Female

% Indigenous

Average age

CR guidelines

One of several guidelines listed

Which CR guideline(s) guide your program?

National Health and Medical Research Council. Strengthening Cardiac Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples: A Guide fro Health Professionals.

Staff cultural awareness training

Explain any cultural awareness training that staff in your program undertake?

Availability of Indigenous staff

Both questions included Aboriginal Health Worker

Do you have a multidisciplinary team involved in your program? If yes, please indicate all relevant health professionals that are available to your program and if possible indicate hours per week.

If your program does not have a multidisciplinary team, what health professionals does your program have access to?