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Table 2 Semi-structured interview questionnaire

From: Cardiac Rehabilitation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Western Australia

Component Content
Core component of CR Inpatient CR: Type of program; type of facility; main elements of inpatient CR (basic information and reassurance, supportive counselling, mobilization and resumption of activities, discharge planning, and referral to outpatient CR and ongoing care).
Outpatient CR: Pre-cardiovascular surgery review; assessment, review and follow-up; low or moderate intensity physical activity; education, discussion and counselling; ongoing assessment and management, and monitoring and evaluation.
Program information Type of health service; type of program delivery; patient eligibility; program duration and frequency; attendance fee; patients from diverse populations; and patient monitoring and referral for further medical review.
Referral and attendance Patient referral pathway; patient attendance and completion numbers; demographic data; patient outcomes; and exit strategies for patients on completion.
Program coordination and multidisciplinary team Dedicated program coordinator; multidisciplinary team availability; use of CR guidelines; sustainability of program and program and service contact details.
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