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Table 1 Key measures for successful cardiac rehabilitation in Indigenous Australians [4042]

From: Cardiac Rehabilitation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Western Australia

1. Ensure cultural safety is integral to the core business of an organisation and supported at all levels within the organisation.
2. Involve an Aboriginal Health Worker or Liaison Officer and family members in the care of Indigenous Australians and develop flexible approaches in a setting that is comfortable to them, highlighting the importance of CR.
3. Draw on existing CR and secondary prevention services as appropriate and engage with the local community networks.
4. Ensure community involvement and control in planning, implementing and evaluating programs, including the development of culturally appropriate educational resources.
5. Develop and sustain partnerships between organisations, including a referral network.
6. Take the specific needs of Indigenous Australians into consideration in planning and delivering CR and secondary prevention and develop supportive protocols, policies and procedures that address these needs.
7. Develop specialist educational resources and training for continuing professional development and support of all health professionals in heart care, including Aboriginal Health Workers, Liaison Officers and Allied Health Assistants.