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Table 4 Characteristics of children with arrhythmias other than first degree AV block

From: Prevalence of arrhythmias among children below 15 years of age with congenital heart diseases attending Mulago National Referral Hospital, Uganda

Child’s age Sex Arrhythmia Heart defect Serum Electrolytes (mmol/L) Heart failure Anaemia
2 years F Ectopic atrial rhythm Truncus arteriosus Normal Severe Mild
3 years 8 months M Ectopic atrial rhythm Pulmonary stenosis ↑ Mg2+ (1.17)
↓ K+ (2.30)
↓ Ca2+ (1.5)
No Moderate
4 months F Ectopic atrial rhythm TOF ↓ Na+ (131.3) No Moderate
3 years M PACs ASD ↑ Na+ (147.8) No No
3 months F PACs VSD ↑ Mg2+ (1.10)
↓ Na+ (131.0)
Severe Moderate
10 months M PACs Common atrium + PDA Normal Severe No
6 years F Junctional rhythm Dextrocardia + common atrium + VSD ↑ Mg2+ (1.0) Severe No
2 years 1 months M Complete AV block TOF Normal Moderate No
14 years M PVCs Aortic stenosis ↓ Ca2+ (1.8)
↓ Na+ (127.0)
Severe Severe
  1. Abbreviations: F female, M male, PACs premature atrial contractions, PVCs premature ventricular contractions, AV atrial ventricular. ↓ - Lower than the reference value for age, ↑ - Higher than the reference value for age. Values of calcium are total serum calcium levels