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Table 1 Reasons for exclusion of studies

From: Cardiovascular risk associated with the use of glitazones, metformin and sufonylureas: meta-analysis of published observational studies

Author, year Endpoint(s) Reason for exclusion
Chou, 2011 [52] Stroke, AMI The definitions of both stroke and AMI were deemed not eligible. This study included transient ischemic attack in the definition of stroke and stable angina in the definition of AMI.
Azoulay, 2010 [58] Stroke Studies excluded due to reference groups combining several medications (e.g., other diabetic drugs)
Habib, 2009 [54] Stroke, AMI
Lipscombe, 2007 [57] AMI
Dore, 2009 [53] AMI Studies reporting comparisons for which inadequate data were available (an inclusion criterion for this meta-analysis was comparison with at least three independent point estimates available)
Hsiao, 2009 [32] Stroke
Simpson, 2006 [59] Stroke
Horsdal, 2009 [55] AMI A more recent study, with updated data, was available (Horsdal, 2011).
Horsdal, 2008 [56] AMI
  1. AMI indicates acute myocardial infarction