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Table 1 Selected single nucleotide polymorphisms

From: The rs1803274 polymorphism of the BCHE gene is associated with an increased risk of coronary in-stent restenosis

Gene Coding DNA level Protein level NCBI database
BCHE c.1699G>A p.Ala567Thr rs1803274
ROS1 c.6637G>A p.Asp2213Asn rs529038
UCP3 c.-238C>T   rs1800849
GPX1 c.599C>T p.Pro200Leu rs1050450
ALOX5AP c.117–5723G>A   rs17216473
APOE*2 c.526C>T p.Arg176Cys rs7412
APOE*4 c.388 T>C p.Cys130Arg rs429358
GC c.1296 T>G p.Asp432Glu rs7041
GC c.1307C>A p.Thr436Lys rs4588
VDR c.2 T>C p.Met1Thr rs2228570
LRP1 c.300C>T p.Asp100= rs1799986
LDLR c.81C>T p.Cys27= rs2228671