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Table 2 Endothelial products in coagulation

From: Endothelial cell control of thrombosis

Protein/Receptor Function
PAR Induces release of nitric oxide and prostacyclin I2, activation of Weibel-Palade bodies, and expression of TF
TF Triggers the production of thrombin through activation of fX when in complex with fVIIa
fVIII/fVIIIa Amplifies the production of thrombin when in complex with fIXa
VWF Tethers platelets to collagen via glycoprotein VI on platelets
Stabilizes fVIII in plasma
TFPI Inhibits the activity of the TF/fVIIa complex and fXa
Thrombomodulin Eliminates the activity of thrombin when in complex
Induces the activation of the protein C pathway
EPCR Catalyzes conversion of Protein C to activated Protein C
t-PA Triggers fibrinolysis by converting plasminogen to plasmin
  1. Abbreviations: EPCR endothelial protein C receptor, f factor, PAR protease-activated receptor, TF tissue factor, TFPI tissue factor pathway inhibitor, t-PA tissue-type plasminogen activator, VWF von Willebrand factor