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Table 2 Cardiometabolic risk factors associated with serum uric acid levels in simple correlation and multiple linear regression analyses

From: Epidemiological associations between hyperuricemia and cardiometabolic risk factors: a comprehensive study from Chinese community

Variables Simple correlation Multiple linear regression
Correlation coefficient P-value β-value P-value
Age (year) 0.066a <0.001 0.071a <0.001
Men/women 0.477a <0.001 0.458a <0.001
BMI (kg/m2) 0.233a <0.001 0.166a <0.001
PP (mmHg) 0.117a <0.001 0.041a 0.003
DBP (mmHg) 0.139a <0.001 −0.022 0.087
TG (mmol/L) 0.328a <0.001 0.148a <0.001
HDL-c (mmol/L) −0.291b <0.001 −0.071b <0.001
LDL-c (mmol/L) 0.092a <0.001 0.072a <0.001
FBG (mmol/L) 0.046a 0.002 −0.115b <0.001
  1. BMI body mass index, PP pulse pressure, DBP diastolic blood pressure, TG triglyceride, HDL-c high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol, LDL-c low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol, FBG fasting blood glucose
  2. aPositive
  3. bnegative