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Table 5 Description of Excluded RCTs

From: Colchicine in cardiac disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Excluded Trial Patient Inclusion Number of Patients/Centres Intervention Control Follow Up Duration Outcomes Reason for Exclusion
Prevention of Post-Op Afib
Saenen et al. Eur Heart J 2013 [Abstract] [38] Post CABG 40/single Peri-operative Colchicine Placebo 1 hour post CABG Right Atrial Appendage Biopsy Pathology Only pathology data provided
Nidorf & Thompson Am J Card 2007 [39] Stable CAD 64/single Colchicine Control 4 weeks C-reactive protein Not randomized
Freed et al. Am J Card 1995 [40] Post PTCA 5/single Cochicine + Enalapril + Lovastatin n/a 5 months Death, MI, revasc. Not randomized
Rab et al. JACC 1991 [41] Post BMS PTCA 29/single Colchicine + gluco-corticoids Gluco-corticoids 4 months Coronary artery aneurysm Not randomized
Judkins et al. Heart Lung Circ 2011 [Abstract] [42] Stable CAD 50/single Colchicine Control 6 months C-reactive protein; flow mediated dilation Cross over RCT
Luo & Yang. Hong Kong Med J 2001 [Abstract] [43] Acute stroke n/a Colchicine, Cyclo-phosphamide plus Magnesium Control n/a n/a Combined intervention
Xu et al. West China Med J 1999 [Chinese] [44] Acute stroke 64/single Colchicine and Cyclo-phosphamide Control 3 months Neurological outcomes Combined intervention
Liu et al. Chin J Geriat Cardiovasc Cerebrovasc Dis 2002 [Chinese] [45] Acute stroke 325/multi Colchicine and Cyclo-phosphamide Control 3 months Neurological outcomes, serum enolase, adverse events Combined intervention
  1. Abbreviations: BMS bare metal stent, CABG coronary artery bypass grafting, CAD coronary artery disease, MI myocardial infarction, n/a not available, PTCA percutaneous coronary angioplasty, RCT randomized controlled trial