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Table 3 Data Collection at Study Clinics

From: Protocol for a randomised controlled trial of telemonitoring and self-management in the control of hypertension: Telemonitoring and self-management in hypertension. [ISRCTN17585681]

Baseline Only:
   1. Demographic questions; including race, occupation, marital status, employment, education,
   2. Length of hypertension
   3. Past medical history
   4. Contraindications/intolerance to antihypertensives
   5. Short orientation memory concentration test[29]
   6. Height
   7. Current self monitoring behaviour
Baseline and subsequent follow up
   1. Current antihypertensive medications
   2. Symptom section of the Illness Perception Questionnaire [30]
   3. Weight
   4. New medical history (in last 6 months)
   5. Preference for blood pressure measurement methods
   6. Beliefs About Medicines Questionnaire [31]
   7. Medication Compliance sub-scale of the Hill-Bone Compliance to High Blood Pressure Medication Scale [32]
   8. Short-form of the State-Trait Anxiety inventory [33]
   9. EQ5-D [34]
   10. Godin's Exercise Questionnaire [35]
   11. Questions on smoking, alcohol consumption and salt intake
   12. Economic data (referrals, consultations, resource use, willingness to pay)
   13. Blood Pressure (sitting plus standing at baseline only)