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Table 4 List of IEPR-2 investigators

From: Passive tobacco exposure may impair symptomatic improvement in patients with chronic angina undergoing enhanced external counterpulsation

Site Name Location Investigator Name Coordinator Name
Advanced Heart Care Paris, TX, United States Jeffrey R. Gladden, MD Diane James
Associates in Cardiovascular Medicine Westerville, OH, United States Andrew P. Klaus, MD Brett Elliott, BS
Avera McKennan Hospital – Cardiovascular/Stress Sioux Falls, SD, United States Kevin Vaska, MD Carol Scholten, RN
Borgess Health & Fitness Center Kalamazoo, MI, United States Alice Williams, DO Julie Johnson
Cardiology Consultants Ltd. Belleville, IL, United States Atal S. Shar, MD Donna Mann, RN
Cardiology Consultants PC Albany, GA, United States Steven C. Wolinsky, DO Kimberly Bryan, LPN
Cardiovascular Research Institute, Inc. Columbus, OH, United States Bruce Fleishman, MD Karen Manzo, RN
Cardiovascular Specialists Sandwich, MA, United States Bruce Levy, MD Mary Cassidy
Central Arkansas Cardiology N. Little Rock, AR, United States Charles Caldwell, MD Carrie Limberg, LPN
Central Baptist Hospital Lexington, KY, United States Pam Gage, RN Nanette Abrams, RN
Christ Hospital and Medical Center Oak Lawn, IL, United States Marc Silver, MD Carol Pisano, RN
Cleveland Clinic Foundation Cleveland, OH, United States Stephen Ellis, MD Jeanette Mitchell, RN
Consultants in Cardiovascular Disease Erie, PA, United States William L. Mecca, MD Monica Chase
Creighton University Cardiac Center Omaha, NE, United States Paul Biddle, MD Megan McCarthy
ECP Heart center Las Vegas, NV, United States Blaine Purcell, MD Ambar Faridi
Edgardo Bermudez, MD Ponce, PR, United States Edgardo Bermudez, MD Arlene Rivera
EECP Center of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA, United States Thomas Pinto, MD Louanne Tempich, LPN
EECP of Nassau Valley Stream, NY, United States Edward T. Davison, MD Mary Getz, RN
Elliot Hospital Manchester, NH, United States Robert Lavery, MD, FACC Diane Carrier, RN
Granite Medical Group Quincy, MA, United States Alan Berrick, MD Barbara Brangiforte, LPN
Griffin Hospital Derby, CT, United States Kenneth V. Schwartz, MD Judy Grenon, RN
Heart Centers of America, LLC Portland, OR, United States Ronald Schutz, MD Ardys Hawkins, RN
Hennepin County Medical Center Minneapolis, MN, United States Brad Bart, MD Melissa Borell
Indiana Heart Associates, PC Indianapolis, IN, United States Don Zipperman, MD Shawna Toombs, EMT
Jackson Purchase Medical Center Mayfield, KY, United States Tyrone Daniels, MD Regina Williams, RRT
JFK Medical Center Atlantis, FL, United States Norman Erenrich, MD Angelica Patten, RN
Knoxville Cardiovascular Group Knoxville, TN, United States Stuart Bresee, MD Teresa Boling
Long Island Heart Associates Mineola, NY, United States Steven Zeldis, MD Robert J. Mullan
Mayo Clinic, St. Mary's Hospital Rochester, MN, United States Gregory Barsness, MD Linda Tesmer, RN
Medical Institute of New Jersey Cedar Knolls, NJ, United States Leonard Moss, MD Ellen Pateman, RN
Medicor Cardiology Bridgewater, NJ, United States Kenneth Sternberge, MD Luz Vanegas, LPN
Mercy Hospital Medical Center Des Moines, IA, United States William J. Wickemeyer, MD Donna Gideon
Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation Minneapolis, MN, United States Timothy Henry, MD Terri Streufert, RN
Missouri Heart Center Columbia, MO, United States James Elliott, MD Jeanette Quick, RN
Moffitt Heart & Vascular Group Wormleysburg, PA, United States Jeffrey Mandak, MD Anita Todd, RN
North Suburban Cardiology Group, Ltd. Arlington Heights, IL, United States Edward Pinsel, M.D. Laura Clemens, RN
Northwest Ohio Cardiology Consultants Toledo, OH, United States Todd L. Monroe, MD Diane Philip, RN
Oregon Cardiology Eugene, OR, United States Jay Chappell, MD Christi Flood
Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center Camden, NJ, United States Jan R. Weber, M.D. Cheryl Marks, RN
Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine La Jolla, CA, United States Erminia Guarneri, M.D. Eva Stuart, RN
Shady Grove Adventist Hospital Cardiac Rehab Rockville, MD, United States Dennis Friedman, MD Gail Driskill, RN
St. Lukes Hospital Cedar Rapids, IA, United States Michael Chandra, MD Deb O'Neil, RN
Staten Island Heart Staten Island, NY, United States James Lafferty, MD Laura Ferrara, RN, CRN
Stony Brook University Hospital Stony Brook, NY, United States William E. Lawson, MD Denise D'Ambrosia, FNPC
Susquehanna Cardiology Associates Williamsport, PA, United States Donald Nardone, MD Gwen Hill, RN
The Angina Center of Evansville Evansville, IN, United States Ralph Millsaps, MD Joseph Winterman, RN
The Heart Care Group, PC Allentown, PA, United States James A. Pantano, MD Ruth Ann Gerchufsky
The Heart Group Evansville, IN, United States Jerry Becker, MD Lori Hunt, RN
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Pittsburgh, PA, United States Ozlem Soran, MD Renee Litrun, CVT
University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA, United States George Beller, MD Ellen Longmoore, CNMT
Wake Heart Associates Raleigh, NC, United States R. Lee Jobe, MD Sharon Knight, RRT
Wichita EECP Heart Center Wichita, KS, United States Roger Evans, MD Linda Rae Hillier, RN
William Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak, MI, United States Peter McCullough, MD Liberty Van Eik
Wisconsin Heart Madison, WI, United States John Moses, MD Ramona Van
York Hospital Cardiac Rehab. York, PA, United States Kevin McCullum, MD Cindy Yingling, RN
Cardiology Consultants Ltd. Belleville, IL, United States Atal S. Shar, MD Donna Mann, RN.