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Table 1 Outcome-parameter and instruments

From: Rationale, design and conduct of a randomised controlled trial evaluating a primary care-based complex intervention to improve the quality of life of heart failure patients: HICMan (Heidelberg Integrated Case Management)

Outcome-parameter Instrument
Primary outcome  
Quality of life SF-36, scale 1 (PF)
Secondary outcomes  
Quality of life other scales of SF-36
Disease-specific Quality of life KCCQ
Depression PHQ-9
Anxiety disorder GAD-7
Patient assessment of care Modified PACIC
Adherence EHFScBS and SANA
Disease course NT-proBNP
Other comorbidity CIRS, small geriatric assessment
Health care utilisation Case report form (CRF)
Medication CRF
Sociodemographic variables Questionnaire
HICMan documentation of CM CRF, PHQ-9, GAD-7 and small geriatric assessment