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Table 5 Summary findings of univariate and multivariate significant effects

From: An examination of factors influencing the choice of therapy for patients with coronary artery disease

Univariate PTCA from Medication CABG from PTCA CABG from Medication
Increasing age   
Higher educational attainment  
Previous coronary intervention  
Previous MI    
Smoking history    
Family history: IHD  
Family history: Neurological    
Family history: MI    
Family history: Stroke    
Previous cerebral events  
Renal complications    
GI tract problems    
Peripheral vascular disease    
Thyroid problems    
Varicose veins    
LAD artery disease
Circumflex artery disease  
RCA disease  
Number of vessels diseased  
Ventricular disease  
Angina frequency  
Dyspnoea frequency    
Non-cardiac symptoms    
Angina functional limitations  
Dyspnoea functional limitations  
SIP: Social behaviour  
SIP: Mobility range  
SIP: Emotional stability    
SIP: Somatic autonomy    
SIP: Mobility control    
Multivariate PTCA from Medication – 5 CABG from PTCA – 4 CABG from Medication – 4
Increasing age 3   
Higher educational attainment   4  
Previous coronary intervention 2 3  
Hypertension 4   
Previous cerebral events    2
LAD artery disease 1  1
Circumflex artery disease  2 4
Angina frequency 5   
SIP: Mobility range  1 3
  1. ▲ = increase in odds; = decrease in odds; numerals indicate order of entry during the stepwise procedure