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Table 1 Outline of content of the CD. In short – after choosing either of the main issues, as shown in the second row of the table, the patient follows the items presented in the column below. If picking a wrong alternative in response to a question, the next frame tells that it was wrong but does also mention the right answer. Then the question automatically reappears until the right answer is chosen; otherwise the program will not proceed beyond that part. After having finished one of the two main issues, the program automatically turns to the remaining issue. Figures in brackets are number of frames of the program.

From: Effects of an interactive CD-program on 6 months readmission rate in patients with heart failure – a randomised, controlled trial [NCT00311194]

Heart failure
The purpose of the CD (1)
1. The disease 2. The treatment
General (2) Diuretics (4 special + 1 general)
Tiredness (1) Fluid intake (1 special + 4 general)
Dyspnoea (1) - Question (diuretics): right (1), wrong (2)
Fluid accumulation (3) - Question (fluid intake): right (1), wrong (2)
End of first part (1) Use of diuretics – conclusion (1)
Treatment of symptoms (1) ACE-inhibitors (4)
Aetiology (1) - Question: right (1), wrong (2)
Deterioration (1) Digitalis (3)
Symptoms and signs of deterioration (2) - Question: right (1), wrong (2)
Reasons for deterioration Beta blockers (4)
- Pharmacological reasons (1) - Question: right (1), wrong (2)
- Other conditions (1) Reminder on use of diuretics (1)
Course of deterioration End of this session (1)
End of this session (1)  
Ending message (after watching the whole CD)